It All Started With A Book

I started out as a reader, not a writer.


As most of my friends and family know, I write. I also believe writing is something that will never die. However, I did not start out loving to write. No, I started out loving to read, which I think is normal for any writer.

Unlike most avid readers or writers, I can’t recall what specific book sent me down the path of love for books and writing. I just remember going from The Boxcar Children series to reading IT by the great Stephen King. And, in more recent years, I have fallen head over heels for Rowling and the Harry Potter series (duh, right?  How did I not fall in love sooner?).

I didn’t even start with writing short fiction, either. I started off with some of the crappiest poetry you would probably ever read (if I were to let you read any of it). I would just write my feelings into those free-verse poems. Nothing made sense, but I always thought, hey, this is poetry. It’s not supposed to make sense. I mean, I wasn’t totally wrong, but it just proved that I was not cut out to be a poet.

I also learned that I may not be totally cut out to write a novel, either. I like to get to the point in my fiction and embellish later. But when I do get back to the piece to “make it pretty,” I still can’t force myself to get lengthy. Thus, I found I probably fit best writing short fiction. But who knows? I’m young. Perhaps when I’ve matured more, seen more of the world and the people in it, I’ll be able to sit down and write a good novel or two.

But it doesn’t really matter that I can’t decide what kind of writing is best for me. Honestly, I just love writing, no matter the topic. What matters is that I didn’t necessarily always want to be a writer, but I was a reader and that’s what had done me in.